Proximity to Power Corrupts the Mind

Early in my HR career, I was assigned to work with a C-Suite executive who was seriously challenged in filling a key position on his staff. Twelve people flew through that revolving door in less than three years … quite the turnover rate! Several members of the HR team had been assigned to support this recruit […]

A Good Coach is Prepared to Be Fired

I’m often asked by those looking to make a career transition into executive coaching what it takes to be effective in this role. My response always begins with a foundation of hands-on business experience from the inside. This increases the probability that the coach understands both the big picture and the intricacies of strategy, operations […]

When Your Boss Has All the Answers … And Thinks You Don’t

Lately, I’ve been reminded of an insightful observation from none other than the comic genius, George Carlin: “Ever notice how anyone driving slower than you is an idiot and anyone driving faster than you is a maniac?” Yes. Yes, I do. I notice it all the time. But I digress already … back to leadership. […]

“What If?” as Inspiration, not Obstacle

In recent weeks, I’ve found myself in conversation with many people contemplating significant career changes that would spawn major life changes. As I listen to these friends and clients, I’ve noticed how often their thinking begins with some version of the circuitous “What if …?” question-and-answer game that so often leads to a dead end […]

Suggested Reading

Since getting married in 2009, launching my business in 2010, then having my son in 2011, life has gotten very busy – in all good ways, but BUSY!!  Long gone are the evenings when I poured over books, enjoying fiction of global espionage or characters like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I hop online […]

Part 3: Culture & Capabilities

So far, we’ve looked at behaviors and key actions that support leaders in guiding their businesses out of a flat or declining stretch. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the organization itself, specifically, your organization’s culture and capabilities. CULTURE Culture is one of those things that often feels nebulous – like trying to […]

Part 2: Success Behaviors for Leading Through a Downturn

In this second installment on Leading Through a Downturn, we’ll look at behaviors and modes of operating that can either accelerate an organization’s recovery or tether it to its slump. Again, taking stock of the companies I’ve worked for and consulted with, I’ve identified the Success Behaviors of the leaders who were the driving forces […]

Part 1: Instill Confidence, Not Comfort

A leader’s job is not to make their people feel comfortable.   It’s to make them feel confident. How can you do that? 1- Address failures swiftly, directly and briefly. Then move on. Effective leaders acknowledge the decisions and strategies that failed in order to help employees grasp the context of what happened and why. This […]

3-Part Series: Leading the Way Out of a Downturn

Every business faces a downturn of sorts at some point in its life cycle. While the specifics of each downturn will vary by company, the impact on the people and the organization is often quite similar. Anxiety, confusion and ambiguity can hang in the air as employees grapple with the current state of the business. […]

The Power of Being Committed, Not Attached

Like anyone reading this blog, there have been times in my life where I found myself at a crossroad where I knew the path I wanted to take, yet felt blocked by the negative consequences that were seemingly unavoidable. Many years ago, I was just a few months into a new job and leading a […]