About Carol McLysaght, Founder

Carol McLysaght

Carol founded McLysaght Consulting in 2010 to partner with executives and companies in pursuit of leadership excellence, transformation, and sustainable high performance.

Carol’s success in this space is due to what differentiates her from other coaches and consultants. She has an uncommon blend of operational and strategic intelligence, extensive leadership development expertise, and the ability to instantly forge trust. Her corporate experience and keen eye for the big picture and the subtle details enable her to rapidly identify blind spots, opportunities, and pathways forward — whether for an individual or the enterprise. She has a diplomatic, yet direct, communication style that generates candor and collaboration. Her reputation is one of skill and integrity — as evidenced by the fact that her business has been built entirely on executive referrals.

Taken together, Carol’s holistic approach is the catalyst clients need to unleash their own potential … discover who they are and what’s possible, become the leader or team that changes the game, and achieve the goals that create the desired future.

About McLysaght Consulting

McLysaght Consulting was established in 2010 to provide high-impact leadership solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations. By leveraging our expertise and setting a high bar for excellence, we have helped clients discover and grow into their leadership potential, transform their performance, and increase their impact.

Our principal and all contract coaches possess hands-on, corporate experience leading and working with cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. We understand the everyday realities of driving a business forward, developing, and guiding people, and ensuring a rewarding life is lived outside of the office, too.

We also recognize that, while there are common threads that weave through leadership performance on a macro level, every company, person, and circumstance is unique. Therefore, our services are structured around proven models and methods with options designed to fit your needs.

Who We Work With

From the start, client companies have represented all sizes, structures, and life stages, including start-ups, non-profits, mid-size businesses, and established multinational corporations.

We work across a variety of sectors — FMCG, fin-tech, communication technology platforms, manufacturing, consulting, construction, architecture, mining, medical devices, universities, and educational services, to name a few.

Individual coaching clients typically include the C-suite and senior management, as well as those considered emerging leaders or rising executives. While we do not have a defined DEI coaching practice, past and current clients represent a diversity of demographics. Our focus is on elevating every single person we reach and honoring who they are with trust, dignity, and respect.

Take a look at our Services page to learn more and please contact us to discuss how we can contribute to your success.


McLysaght Consulting creates client partnerships that unleash talent, build leadership, and generate extraordinary results for individuals and organizations.

Professional Background

Carol spent four years as the Chief of Staff to the CEO of the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, where she held roles on strategic business planning committees; global acquisition, due diligence, and integration teams; and served as the speechwriter for the CEO. She regularly represented him on international trips for a variety of organizational endeavors, problem-solving, and project oversight. Due to Carol’s reputation as a trusted advisor, C-Suite and senior leaders frequently solicited her insights and recommendations on a myriad of matters such as key business initiatives, employee relations and interpersonal coaching, executive communications, and complex problem-solving.

Carol held positions in the leadership and organizational development space for nearly two decades in various industries, including consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, banking, and sports management. In these leadership roles, she and her teams designed and facilitated leadership development programs for senior managers and rising executives in the Asia-Pacific region, Eastern and Western Europe, and North America.

She personally created and delivered an innovative coaching competency program that resulted in an internal cadre of coaches. This initiative fostered a coaching culture, enhanced managers’ people development skills, and minimized external costs while building talent. She also led all efforts related to the selection, contracting, and evaluation of external coaching resources, while personally serving as an internal coach to leaders throughout the business. Finally, Carol managed the talent management and succession planning process for upper management roles and partnered with top leadership to design personalized development plans for key talent in the progression pipeline.

Carol’s ability to build compelling content, deliver it in a highly interactive manner, and create a safe yet dynamic environment has made her a highly sought-after facilitator and guest speaker. Her unparalleled ability to build relationships of trust, create the essential space for transparency, and hold clients accountable for their commitments makes her an exceptional executive coach.

Education, Certifications, and Related Activities
  • Loyola University Chicago — Graduate Studies in Leadership and Organization Development
  • Northern Illinois University — B.A. in Organizational Communications, graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • ICF Member and Certified Executive Coach
  • LCP Practitioner certified in Leadership Circle Profile, Manager Edition, and Collective Leadership Assessment
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner and trained in Voices 360
  • Featured speaker at events hosted by Women Roadbuilders Association, Mead Johnson Nutrition Women’s Leadership Program, Executives’ Club of Chicago, Deloitte, and Challenger Gray & Christmas
  • The only Mentor under 40 to serve on the Executives’ Club of Chicago “New Leaders Group” (2008–2012) that was designed to develop high potential professionals under 40