“Nice” is a Leadership Competency

Over the last year, I’ve faced a health issue that has been a challenge for me to accept and reconcile. Recently, it resulted in me falling to the ground at my local gym, unconscious. Fortunately, there was no lasting damage and I quickly returned to my normal routine, including my morning work-outs. One of my […]

What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

Eons ago in a college sociology class, the professor shared a study about what people fear most. I found the discussion illuminating at the time and still relevant today, so much so, that I’m frequently referring to the themes with my clients. Several have suggested I write about this on my blog, so here goes. […]

Every Woman Has a Harvey Story

When I was a high school graduate, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. For a variety of reasons, I initially bypassed college and instead went straight to work. I landed a mailroom / office assistant job at a distributor for computer peripherals and worked alongside a fantastic group of […]

What Are You Speaking For?

In follow-up to last month’s blog on Listening For, this post is focused on a practice area called Speaking For. Beautiful in its simplicity, you only need answer the question: What are you Speaking For?                                           The answer, however, is typically more complex. Stating your business objective only scratches the surface. We all have certain deliverables […]

What Are You Listening For?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that listening skills are in a serious deficit? Hello? Is this thing on? But seriously, folks … This was acutely evident during the run up to last year’s US presidential election and in the months since. Unless you cancelled your cable subscription and tossed every electronic […]

Personal Evolution v. New Year’s Resolutions

There’s a familiar topic in the media this time of year that usually sounds something like: “XX% of New Year’s Resolutions Broken by the End of January!” Whatever the failure rate that’s quoted, the message is clear: We often struggle to keep our promises to ourselves. It’s just a guess, but maybe that’s because our […]

Fresh Eyes

Children are such pure reflective devices. They notice or say something innocently and it strikes a chord. That happened to me the other night as my husband, son and I watched Polar Express for the umpteenth time this holiday season. I was beginning to drift into an “I’ve seen this before” daze and as my […]

The Impact of Inertia

I’m about to introduce physics into a blog about leadership and people development.  Why? Because organizations are in a constant state of motion with inertia cropping up all around us … and even within us. Sir Isaac Newton, in his First Law of Motion, explained “inertia” this way: An object will continue moving at its current velocity until […]

Leadership Begins at Home

The September 15, 2016 issue of TIME Magazine includes the cover article by Charlotte Alter titled, “The Secrets of Super Siblings – Nine families raised children who all went to on to extraordinary success. Here’s what they have in common.” It’s a fascinating read of how six factors (Immigrant Drive; Parent/Teachers; Political Activism; Controlled Chaos; […]

The 4-A Approach© for Processing Negative Feedback

Performance feedback is an essential component for growth. We all know that. But there’s a big difference between knowing that intellectually and accepting it when it comes your way. None of us wants to hear we didn’t meet expectations or that we have a gap in our competencies that’s undermining our performance, creating interpersonal upheaval, […]