Testimonials from our Clients:

“When I implemented executive coaching for my company’s executive leadership team, Carol was the first person that came to mind. Her business intelligence, years of expertise in leadership development, and natural ability to connect with others make her the very best Executive Coach! She establishes trust immediately and holds you accountable as you work hard to improve your leadership effectiveness. Carol’s support has proven invaluable. I highly recommend her to any organization that wants to support and develop its executive team to be more effective!”

Celia Vega
Head of HR
HMS Networks, MU Americas
(Leadership Team Assessment & Executive Coaching Client)

"Carol is an amazing coach! Within a few conversations we were able to narrow in on where I should focus to make an impact on my development and therefore on my career path. By the end of our engagement, I landed my dream job and felt more confident. Since then, I have surprised myself in what I have accomplished or even thought was possible. It’s nearly two years later and we just conducted a check-in to evaluate my progress. The feedback I received from my co-workers demonstrated that I’ve grown substantially in the areas that Carol and I initially worked on. All of the past “baggage” has dissipated and I’m continuing to thrive in my career."

Kristen Campos
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Mars Food North America
(Executive Coaching Client)

“I was introduced to Carol for professional development as I took on an expanded role in our organization.  The benefit from our discussions was more personally and life-long impacting than I had ever imagined.   I have been truly blessed to have been connected with Carol.”

Julie Dropik
Vice President Finance
Pro Mach, Inc.
(Executive Coaching Client)

“Carol has been one of the most instrumental people in my leadership development over the past few years.  Her coaching enabled me to broaden my perspective as a leader and helped me shape a more defined ambition for my impact within the organization.  Her ability to create a collaborative and individualized approach was unique as it was during role transitions and an international assignment.

If you are looking for a coach that will tailor their solution to you, challenge you to push yourself farther, and most of all create a meaningful impact in you and your organization, than Carol is the right coach for you.”

Chad Marquardt
Director of US Customer Development
Mead Johnson Nutrition
(Executive Coaching Client)

“Carol has been a lifeline in helping me refine my strengths and change certain behaviors that were holding me back.  In working with her I was able to make significant changes, land a new global promotion within my company and successfully transition into the role.  I highly recommend Carol to anyone who is willing to listen, lean in and change.”

Global Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Communications
International Consumer Goods Company
(Executive Coaching and Team Facilitations Client)

“Working with Carol has been incredible for my career! She is an expert at creating leadership awareness and turning career aspirations into action. She helped me evolve my leadership style to effectively engage my direct reports, as well as manage up within my organization. As my career has progressed, her coaching has flexed to provide new ways to transition and to assume increasing levels of responsibility. Her innovative coaching techniques provide a heightened level of self-awareness, and transform your leadership potential. Her results are sustainable, as she creates a plan to help you continue to evolve even after the coaching engagement has concluded. I highly recommend Carol as an effective executive coach, mentor, and leader, to help any individual or team achieve transformational results.”

Kristin Hornberger
Principal & Team Leader - Client Insights
IRI Worldwide
(Executive Coaching Client)

“Carol is truly one of a kind.   I have worked with her on a 1:1 coaching basis and she has also engaged with my organization to help me structure a high performing team, then facilitating the creation of a team mission and vision.   Having lived in the corporate world, Carol is keenly aware that all consulting needs to work at a practical level while still inspiring the team.  I trust that Carol can help me tackle any strategic or people related issue with ease.”

Dan Waters
Chief Marketing Officer
Bel Brands USA
(Executive Coaching / Team Facilitations / Training Programs Client)

“Carol brings extensive experience, insight and highly effective tools to her engagements, resulting in real impact.  My biggest take away from working with Carol was learning to leverage my core strengths, which has enhanced my effectiveness as a leader to an extent that has been recognized by colleagues and our executive team.  I will carry that learning with me, and be bolstered by it, throughout my career.”

Sheila McCusker
Vice President – Strategic Insights
IRI Worldwide
(Executive Coaching Client)

“Working with Carol has been particularly rewarding for me. I don't believe that I would have taken certain decisions in regards to my own business and career without her by my side. She helped outline a personal strategy for me, provoked me to think differently and acted as my champion. Her knack of being able to ask the right questions and provide clarity is second to none. She is a wonderful, talented coach who delivers exceptional value. I truly do value her input and guidance and highly recommend Carol!”

Alex Antypas
Chief Executive Officer - Meslo, Inc.
(Springboard Session Client)

"Carol was so easy to talk to, she immediately put me at ease. She created an environment where I felt comfortable talking about my strengths and weaknesses and how to productively address them. Over the past year, I have learned a lot about my leadership style and how to enhance my strengths and overcome my weaknesses to better serve my company, my clients, and most of all myself."

Debbie Lilu
VP Business Development, Maintenance and Sustainment
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
(Executive Coaching Client)

“I was fortunate to be introduced to Carol from an executive who I trusted. I was in the market for a new coach who could push me in new directions and Carol was the perfect fit. Her relaxed and introspective demeanor was comforting and her academic and intellectual curiosity established credibility with me quickly. I knew I had a great fit when, on Day One, she began asking me questions that I didn’t really want to answer … but needed to. In a short amount of time, we were making noticeable progress and the relationship felt different than with previous coaching experiences. The end result was a development game plan that was personal, actionable, and exciting to move forward on.”

Doug Korn
Vice President of Strategy
Mars Petcare
(Executive Coaching Client)

“Working with Carol for the past year has enhanced my leadership skills and communication style when working both laterally and vertically within my organization. I have realized the potential to reset my course, and dictate my team’s success through my personal leadership behaviors and execution. I leave every meeting with Carol re-energized, confident and with new tools to further my success as a corporate leader, a mom, and a valued member in my community. She has been a valuable resource and investment within our executive leadership team.”

Cindy Hasseberg Ph.D., R.D.
Regional Business Director
Mead Johnson Nutrition
(Executive Coaching / Team Facilitations / Training Programs Client)

“I have to be honest -- whenever I hear 'executive coaching' I have a visceral reaction and assume it's going to be a waste of time and money. I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't think we could have had the productivity we achieved during our 3-day (Vision/Strategy/Culture) workshop without Carol’s guidance. Well done!”

Aunkur Arya
SVP & General Manager – Mobile Division
Braintree, Inc.
(Leadership Team Coaching & Facilitations Client)

“Carol McLysaght’s leadership coaching was extremely beneficial to me. I have gained skills and perspective that have not only enhanced my professional life, but have also helped me to succeed in my personal life. Carol’s coaching improved my performance on a number of levels – teamwork, becoming a better listener, improved leadership by learning how to take greater responsibility for my actions, and how to develop habits that will allow me to become more efficient. Having these highly applicable skills will enable me to help my employer continue to succeed as a world-class company. It is an honor and a privilege to have Carol as a coach.  She has made a true impact on my life.”

Wendy Gifford
Director – Global Engineering
SC Johnson
(Executive Coaching Client)

“Carol has an incredible gift in connecting with others and inspiring them to be the best they can be. Her leadership program was a meaningful experience and, no doubt, will make me a better person at work and at home. I find it remarkable how she effortlessly created such a strong and engaged environment for us to learn, share and develop.”

Simon Nash
Business Unit Controller
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company – United Kingdom
(Leadership Development Program Client)

“Our team really enjoyed a day of coach training with Carol.  They have spoken very positively about the experience and have, in fact, completely re-aligned how they’ll approach coaching our high potential associates as a result of the experience. The training program was a HUGE success!”

Sue Capobianco
Personnel & Organization Co-Pilot
Mars Chocolate – North America
(Leadership Development Program Client)

“Carol's insight and experience was invaluable in sharpening my leadership and management abilities. Faced with some very big challenges within a business that was growing rapidly, her guidance helped me navigate some tough conversations that led to far better outcomes for all parties and the company as a whole. Her conversational style and way of structuring a problem always felt highly collaborative-- it's a great strength in her approach, and I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to become a more effective leader.”

Ivan Moscoso
Vice President - Engineering
(Executive Coaching Client)

“I am very grateful for Carol’s coaching through a series of significant transitions which included leading an international team, a strategic site and a merger & acquisition. Carol was an always available resource, provided great perspective from her experience as an executive and she challenged me personally to ensure I was leveraging my strengths. I am definitely a stronger leader as a result of Carol’s coaching and would not have successfully navigated all the transitions without her guidance.”

Emily Oberlee
Supply Chain Director – Europe
Mead Johnson Nutrition
(Executive Coaching Client)

“Carol was a tremendous partner in my professional development journey – committed, firm, with a caring personal approach. She is a world-class partner in professional development.  I have experienced first-hand through my own experience, as well as observed through others, the tremendous impact she can have.  She leverages a demanding, professional approach with a caring, personal style to create an environment where clients want to push themselves.  Carol’s ability to create a non-judgmental, open communication flow allows for honest dialogue that triggers true personal growth.”

Carl Stealey
General Manager
Con Agra Brands
(Executive Coaching Client)

“Carol is a natural coach with a genuine desire to help people develop and succeed. She has tremendous listening skills and a natural ability to guide her clients with great insights & effective questions that help you focus on what’s important…and then take action.”

Phil Shepherd
Vice President – Global Science & Technology
Mars, Inc. / Wrigley
(Executive Coaching Client)

“I first connected with Carol at the Wrigley Company where she was the Chief of Staff. She made an immediate impression as an executive who has a rare combination of business strategy and approachable people skills. She provided direct coaching to the highest levels of leadership in the organization, and influenced and inspired a culture of trust, dignity and respect. Carol’s Leadership was well-designed, progressive and targeted to drive leadership development and transformation for a diverse group of people. Today, through her consulting practice, it is abundantly clear that she has tapped into her greatest talents and created a way to give back to others. She is a living example of the ability to achieve aspirations and recognize your potential. I strongly believe that Carol can help others find success … however they may define it.”

Rich Saucedo
Vice President of Human Resources
Bel Brands USA
(Team Facilitations & Training Programs Client)

“Carol provides effective coaching for senior leaders and executives by blending together tools, coaching materials, her extensive experience, and her own knowledge and skills. The result is a powerful combination that leads to increased self-awareness and clarity around where improvements can be found and how to begin moving forward. Carol’s approach is clearly centered on the client as an individual and identifying growth opportunities through analysis and listening.”

Tom Southall
Vice-President Global Innovation, Construction
ITW – Illinois Tool Works
(Executive Coaching Client)

“I’ve worked with Carol as both a colleague and as her client. In my senior HR roles, Carol provided exceptional coaching to both me personally and to members of my company’s leadership team. Carol’s experience in leadership development, team facilitation and organizational development are truly superb. More specifically, she develops strong, trusting relationships with senior leaders so as to help them achieve their goals as individuals, for their teams and for the organization.”

Tim Griffin
VP Human Resources
Mead Johnson Nutrition and Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
(C-Suite Coaching, Leadership Development & Custom Programs Client)

“The leadership team and I appreciated her moderation: she listens well, refocuses us when needed, her comments are relevant and her tonality is just right. We look forward to getting to the end of our project with her help.”

Frederic Nalis
Corporate Vice President & CEO – Americas
Groupe Bel / Bel Brands USA
(C-Suite Coaching, Leadership Development & Custom Programs Client)