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Executive Coaching for Individuals

Individual executive coaching is a powerful and often expedited path for clients to achieve desired results in their careers while aligning with the needs and expectations of the organization. Simply put, it’s a personalized 1:1 plan to discover and realize exponential growth while overcoming unique challenges along the way.

Instead of following a “trend” or fitting into a leadership “mold,” we’ll give you the tools to find and learn how to operate at your maximum potential, help you overcome any gaps to get there, and empower you as you realize that growth over time. Finding out what you bring to the table — truly unleashing who you are — is all about asking the right questions. What is essential to you? What creates purpose for you? What does your authentic leadership look like?  

While every Client will have unique goals and aspirations, coaching often focuses on these key areas:

  • Enterprise Leadership & Transitions
  • Leadership Capabilities & Presence
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Relationship & Team Building
  • People & Organizational Development
  • Corrective Coaching

Individual & Organizational Assessments

Every leader needs to know their baseline before they can chart a course for meaningful growth and high performance. Every organization needs to understand where talent resides and where the gaps exist before it can build its leadership strategy. Objective and thorough talent assessments help you meet those needs.

McLysaght Consulting provides several options for evaluating individual, pipeline, and executive talent so you can develop the right expertise and leadership skills to succeed today and build for tomorrow.

Team Facilitations

A strategically aligned team with defined ways of working together and healthy interpersonal dynamics can set the stage for operational and organizational success. Our programs and workshops can help you build the right foundation for high performance.

Leadership Development Programs

Investing in the growth of your people is a proven strategy for engagement, retention, and high performance. We offer programs that identify and build capabilities and confidence so that your people can focus on delivering what they do best.

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Program, Assessment, and Workshop Details

Coaching for Leadership

We have four levels of coaching engagements, the Executive I and II and the Accelerated Executive I and II, so that you can tailor your investment to the individual and to your organization.

The Executive Engagement kicks off with a highly comprehensive feedback approach that includes an online 360 assessment, stakeholder interviews, and thematic reviews with the Client and Direct Management.  Goals Alignment, Check-in Sessions and Completion Meetings with all involved parties occur during the engagement.  Level I provides more coaching hours per month than Level II to support your time and budget parameters.

The Executive Engagement options are ideal for those requiring a deeper understanding of how colleagues and key stakeholders experience their presence and impact on the organization.  They are particularly valuable when assessing or preparing talent for advancement into more complex leadership or enterprise management roles.

The next two options are the Accelerated Executive I and II.  These offer a more consolidated 360 approach, capturing vital feedback, yet enabling the Client to move swiftly into 1:1 coaching. The balance of the engagement mirrors the Executive structure, also with options for the number of 1:1 coaching hours per month.

The Accelerated Executive Engagement is an excellent option for those seeking meaningful feedback to construct a leadership development and performance plan, followed by coaching that targets those development objectives and supports the execution of the Client’s action plan for growth.

Determining which coaching engagement structure will be most valuable to you bears a discussion to understand the context for coaching, the Client’s history of performance and goals, and the management team’s objectives and expectations.

Springboard Sessions©

A Springboard Session© is a flexible 4.5-hour package often utilized by those looking to laser-focus on narrowly defined objectives. This 1:1 conversation can take place in a day or be spread across a few months.  It combines coaching, consulting, brainstorming, problem-solving, and action planning. New clients — or those new to coaching — have leveraged Springboard Sessions© to kickstart everything from their professional development to transforming their segment of the organization to overhauling their business model.

We dig into an issue, explore it from various angles, and identify avenues forward. You’ll walk away clear on where you need to put in the work and how you’re going to do that. Clients typically conclude a Springboard Session© engagement with a high-level action plan — defined milestones, target dates, and initial next steps. The execution is then all in your hands.

That’s it. No long-term commitment here: Just a spot-coaching intensive that you can renew on an as-needed basis.

Individual Assessments

The Executive 360 Assessment

With an online 360 and self-awareness assessments, stakeholder interviews, and management reviews, this service is a comprehensive approach for understanding a Client’s perceptions of their own performance, impact, and style, as well as how others experience that individual as a colleague and a leader. An Executive 360 Assessment is valuable when succession planning for enterprise and senior executive positions to determine readiness, compatibility, and fit, to support transition planning, and to elevate an individual’s capacity to lead.

This approach is ideal for assessing your C-Suite, executive, and management levels, as well as high-performing individual contributors under consideration for promotion into critical management roles. The Executive 360 is also deployed to identify and understand new, ineffective behaviors that an otherwise high-performing leader has started exhibiting or when other performance indicators and feedback suggest the need for an assessment.

The Target 360 Assessment

The Target 360 delivers an objective assessment of performance with a quick turnaround in order to create a meaningful and informed development plan.  Via the Leadership Circle Profile 360 online instrument, we capture the Client’s own perceptions of their leadership performance and gain a clear understanding of how others view that leader’s capabilities and development opportunities across a defined set of competencies.

The Target 360 approach is a highly effective solution for understanding talents, gaps and perceptions that influence the performance of an individual. Results and inputs are used to finetune growth goals and tailor development plans.

Client companies have opted for this approach when evaluating employees within a similar management band (e.g., the Executive Leadership Team or all employees at a Vice President level) or as part of team dynamic events and functional development efforts. It can also be embedded within your existing management training programs where the addition of a 360 process would prove valuable to participants.

Organizational Planning Assessments

Fit for the Future©

Fit for the Future© is a customizable service designed to support succession planning across an enterprise or function. Subjective data — personal experiences, performance reviews, visibility to and relationships with individuals — often play an oversized role in determining who has the potential to advance. By providing a consistent, standardized assessment process for high-performing/high-potential talent in your pipeline, you can begin to level the playing field of opportunity with objective data and comparisons.

Talent planning for your company’s future centers on your people and their readiness for that next big role, but it’s also heavily influenced by other factors, such as your long-term vision, the competitive or industry landscape, or culture.

Fit for the Future© engagements begin by exploring and defining the key elements for your business and using them as one filter for talent assessment and planning. The 360 assessment process is then designed with this in mind.

Communicating the high-level outcomes of your succession planning process to those who were evaluated is imperative. Many leaders are uncomfortable with this part of succession planning or assessments in general. I am not. I can help you develop the core messages each associate needs to hear and prepare you to have that conversation with confidence.

Successor Assessment for an Identified Executive or Management Role

Selecting a candidate for a mission-critical or enterprise leadership role can be a challenging undertaking and one of the most consequential calls you’ll make as a leader, whether you’re considering an internal promotion or an external hire. Gaining an outside perspective from someone who invests themself to understand your team, your culture, and your needs can add objectivity and help you balance various considerations to arrive at the right decision.

The approach for any Successor Assessment will be unique to the company and designed around the position being filled and the number of candidates to be assessed.

Collective Leadership Program (™ The Leadership Circle, LLC)

This program is designed for an intact leadership team to gain insight into the health of your team’s “operating system” in terms of strategic alignment, operational effectiveness, interpersonal relationships, and group dynamics. The process makes visible any gaps between your current state and your desired state… where you are today as a leadership team versus where you believe you need to be to achieve excellence and to role model leadership for your organization. This combination of clarity and definition gives you the focus and language to identify where and how you might want to evolve.

Clients who have conducted this workshop have:

  • Realigned on core strategic priorities then co-created action plans to accelerate growth and improve company culture
  • Removed silos and addressed barriers to collaboration by embedding systems and processes for cross-functional communications and organizational knowledge transfer
  • Created cross-functional mentoring relationships to invest in talent pipeline development and address turnover challenges
  • Defined expectations for leadership behaviors and interpersonal dynamics to elevate team performance and efficacy
  • Surfaced and resolved misalignments, disagreements, and role/responsibility overlaps enabling teams to eliminate impediments and unhealthy dynamics
  • Newly formed management teams have quickly identified what was working or not working early on in order to course-correct and gain traction on their objectives

The Collective Leadership Program is customized to meet each Client’s needs and can run as either a half-day or full-day session.

The Balanced Leadership Team Program©

Designed to transform teams who are ready to operate at a unique level of transparent partnership, the process entails each leader completing the Target 360 Assessment. With that data in hand, we build a holistic view of where leadership strengths sit and where key competencies are missing within the team. When leaders know one another’s core talents and gaps, they can knowledge share and peer coach with precision. This program kickstarts that collaboration and positions colleagues to invest in one another and the team’s success.

Clients who have conducted the Balanced Leadership Team Program© have

  • Intentionally assigned leaders to key initiatives or to problem-solving complex challenges based on core talents
  • Created high-impact mentoring relationships by partnering high-potentials who had specific development needs with leaders who held those core strengths
  • Learned where competency overlaps and gaps existed within the team profile and built strategies for knowledge sharing and peer mentoring, thereby increasing collaboration and improving leadership performance
  • Defined hiring requirements to ensure candidates for open leadership roles possessed a greater diversity of competencies that would fill existing gaps

The Balanced Leadership Team Program© can serve as a stand-alone facilitation or follow the Collective Leadership Program for an integrated approach to transforming team dynamics.

Creating Connections Workshop©

Leadership demands bold, open, and courageous dialogue. That occurs when leaders are connected to and invested in one another and free to be themselves. It occurs when there is a deep respect for our colleagues and a regard for who they are as people first, professionals second. This program can put you on that path.

Intended for newly formed or recently augmented leadership and management teams looking to establish a foundation for high performance, the Creating Connections Workshop© provides a safe forum for leaders to get to know each other — beyond the surface — in order to establish trust, familiarity, and confidence.

Clients can opt to conduct this workshop for a single level of management or extend participation to additional levels of the organizational structure to broaden the degree of connectivity. This program can also be embedded throughout a multi-day off-site encompassing various functions or regions.

Custom Programs and Facilitations

Clients often need a consulting or coaching partner to address needs that are unique to their current state and don’t fit neatly into one of the above programs. Many times, companies have reached out because they know an issue or set of challenges needs to be addressed, but the situation feels nebulous or simply too complicated.

Custom programs and facilitations are often key to addressing these complex organizational issues. We start with a discovery session to capture context, scope, the players involved, actions taken, results produced, the +/– of what’s occurred to date, and so on. I’ll share ideas and possible approaches. By the end of that discussion, we’ll know if I’m the right fit to support you. If so, I’ll begin drawing up a proposal and we’ll take it from there. If not, then I’ll put on my thinking cap and try to identify resources and solutions that fit your needs.

A Few Examples of Custom Programs and Facilitations:

    • Tech Start-Up: Facilitating the leadership team’s discussion and decision-making process to identify and define their core values and leadership behaviors
    • Global FMCG: Partnering with a CEO and CHRO to align on the HR strategy, including collecting inputs from the C-Suite and senior leaders, evaluating the impact of options on the business plan, designing realistic strategies given the resources, and developing related messaging to the C-Suite and the organization
    • Leadership Team Shadow & Coach: Attending client’s leadership team meetings to evaluate dynamics, observe the application of commitments stemming from the Collective Leadership Program, facilitate sensitive discussions, and provide spot-coaching to the team and individuals

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Workshop

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Workshop is based on Carl Jung’s theory of how individual personality develops and evolves and how our preferences across four key dichotomies influence almost every area of our lives. This half-day program is designed to expand individual self-awareness and improve self-management in order to elevate leadership presence and improve communications and interpersonal dynamics.

Leadership Advance Program©

The Leadership Advance Program© is a multi-layered development experience. Using the 70-20-10 model as a guide, content weaves tightly into your professional experience, on-the-job application, and collegial relationships.

Pre-work preparation includes 360 and MBTI assessments, performance and development planning with each attendee and their direct management, and pre-program coaching to create a clear and committed focus.

We focus on building self-awareness to leverage strengths while redirecting ineffective thinking and reactive behavioral patterns. Presence, communications, and interpersonal dynamics are explored and stretched throughout the session. Leadership competency development focuses on enterprise leadership, systems awareness, strategy and execution, relationships, and leading with and through others.

Post-program support includes a set of 1:1 coaching hours for the participant to tailor their insights to individual goals and take related actions. Coach/participant/manager debriefs and planning meetings ensure learnings are applied and progress is measured.

The Leadership Advance Program© is designed as an investment for your high-performing and high-potential people, whether managers or individual contributors, to enhance current performance and prepare them for elevation in your organization.

Leader as Coach© Training

The “LaC”© Training is a multi-day program that teaches core coaching competencies to managers and those in people development roles. Designed to equip leaders with the techniques and confidence to actively coach others, this session is heavily grounded in experiential learning.

Content is based on the International Coaching Federation’s Core Competencies with a focus on advanced, professional coaching skills. Therefore, this program is intended for those with an existing foundation of people development experience, not those at an entry level.

Activities include individual reflection, peer and triad coaching, and group discussions. We’ll review techniques and explore scenarios that demand creativity, sensitivity, and maturity to handle. Participants will learn to deepen their listening skills and ask thought-provoking questions to help the coachee dig deeper and draw out their own best thinking. Essential to effective coaching is the ability to manage one’s own judgment and tendency to dispense advice or solve the coachee’s issues. The curriculum is designed to build these skills and expand the participant’s own comfort zone to effectively coach at a more intimate and complex level.

LaC© Training can be delivered as a program for those in people development roles or for your HR Department where strong coaching capabilities are essential to effective performance. It can also be used as a catalyst to build an internal coaching practice whereby participants may serve as formal coaches to other associates upon completion of the program and meeting other core requirements.