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McLysaght Consulting offers a suite of services designed to elevate leadership performance, to build organizational capabilities, and to create your company’s future.



We provide organizational and people solutions tailored to your growth plans and corporate culture. Typical focus areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Vision & Strategy Development – Supporting individual leaders and leadership teams in defining the strategic direction of their organization and aligning on long-term aspirational growth targets based on your business, company culture, industry and competitive landscape.
  • Organizational Planning & Effectiveness – Partnering with you to design talent management strategies that align with your culture and accelerate the achievement of your strategic goals.
  • Executive Communications – Developing key messages and delivery strategies that both educate your people and inspire organization-wide commitment and action.

Recommendations and approaches are designed to challenge the status quo and stretch current thinking so that, together, we create a sustainable competitive advantage for your business and your people.


Executive Coaching

We provide one-on-one executive coaching that aligns the individual’s experience, capabilities, personality and goals to the organization’s strategic business plan and culture.

  • Progression & Transition – Focused development and action planning for those moving into more senior roles, assuming different management responsibilities or operating in rapidly changing environments.
  • Performance Improvement – Addressing potentially career-limiting attitudes, behaviors, communications, or style issues of otherwise high-performing leaders.
  • The Leadership Circle Profile ( – All coaching engagements are initiated using this comprehensive 360-degree assessment, ensuring a holistic view of the leader’s “internal operating system.” It is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains of Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies to create immediate awareness, perception, recognition and focus around a client’s unique opportunities.



Leadership Development

We offer training and development programs with a track record of deepening self-awareness, building management capabilities and supporting high performance. Programs include a mix of personal reflection, peer coaching, small group discussion, and full group “present back” methodologies. All programs result in the development of personalized action plans to ensure participants apply their learnings to their development goals back on the job.

  • The Academy – A professional development investment designed to prepare top talent for progression into senior management and leadership roles.
  • Leader as Coach – Education and practice of advanced, executive coaching techniques and approaches based on people development best practices and the International Coaches Federation (ICF) core competencies. Designed to build an “In-house Coach Resource” for the client organization.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – Facilitation of team meetings leveraging the MBTI assessment to enhance individual performance, teamwork, collaboration, and interpersonal communications.
  • The Leadership Circle Culture Survey ( – This process assesses the health and effectiveness of a leadership team or organization using the Culture Survey instrument. Leveraging the same dimensions as the Leadership Circle Profile, the Culture Survey reveals how people view their current leadership culture and effectiveness, and solicits their desired, more optimal state. The resulting delta provides a guide for a team’s development, or for an organization’s overall leadership development planning.

McLysaght Consulting also provides leadership development training across a wide range of personal and organizational performance areas. For more information on our programs, please contact us directly.