Springboard Sessions ~ A New Service in My Portfolio

This past year, I piloted a new service – the Springboard Session.  The idea came from a friend after I helped her problem-solve some challenges she faced with the launch of her new business.

She had been working with a few different coaches and business consultants to dig into some challenges, vet ideas, action plan and so on.  Some of their input had been helpful, but in the grand scheme of things, their counsel hadn’t given her much she didn’t already know.  She wasn’t gaining sufficient traction and felt frustrated.

We explored her circumstances and, as she talked, I could see various approaches to deploy her talents to build this business.  I pressure tested these ideas with her and we brainstormed a bit.

A model became clear to me and I sketched it out.  In the span of a morning, we’d created a strategy that resonated with her, addressed what wasn’t working, and better leveraged all of what she herself brought to the table.  A few months later when we touched base, she said that things were moving in the right direction and she wasn’t stalling out anymore.

It was what she said at the end of our initial conversation, though, that led to the Springboard Session.

“Carol, you always do this for people.  People are stuck, can’t see their way forward, they talk to you and you see all these different ways to put the puzzle pieces together. And you do it quickly.  Who else does that?”

I’ve heard various versions of this pretty much my entire life.  It’s one of the reasons why I do what I do.  What she pointed to – that I hadn’t leveraged – was the speed at which it happens both in my head and as delivered support to the person or team.  “You need to offer this as a stand-alone service … some sort of short-term, laser focused process,” she said.

Yes.  Of course.  I’m not sure how I missed this for myself!  I’ve been doing this organically on an ad hoc basis for as long as I can recall, but hadn’t thought of it as a complete service.  Maybe it seemed too simple.  After the results of my pilot program this year, Springboard Sessions will be cemented into my portfolio.

Longer term coaching / consulting engagements absolutely have their place for many reasons.

Sometimes, however, what a client really needs is a targeted deep dive right now. Investing a handful of hours against a defined issue can provide clarity and velocity around whatever it is you’re up to.  I then move to the sideline.  I’m here if you need another Springboard round, but we’re complete if you don’t.

Some clients opt for a single half-day session, others have preferred a block of time up front followed by one or two follow-up sessions.  We can flex based on what will serve you best.

Success still depends on the client’s personal commitment, effort and follow-through.  I can’t do the work for you.

If you or someone on your team might benefit from this kind of support, drop me a line and we’ll take it from there.

To give you food for thought, below are some ways Springboard Sessions have and can be deployed:

  • Vision Development & Strategic Planning (personal, functional, enterprise)
  • Business Ideation and Action Planning
  • Personal Leadership Development (often follows a 360 process or performance review)
  • Career Progression and Transition Planning
  • Coaching Intensive for Complex Problem Solving
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