The Impact of Inertia

I’m about to introduce physics into a blog about leadership and people development.  Why? Because organizations are in a constant state of motion with inertia cropping up all around us … and even within us. Sir Isaac Newton, in his First Law of Motion, explained “inertia” this way: An object will continue moving at its current velocity until […]

3-Part Series: Leading the Way Out of a Downturn

Every business faces a downturn of sorts at some point in its life cycle. While the specifics of each downturn will vary by company, the impact on the people and the organization is often quite similar. Anxiety, confusion and ambiguity can hang in the air as employees grapple with the current state of the business. […]

The Power of Being Committed, Not Attached

Like anyone reading this blog, there have been times in my life where I found myself at a crossroad where I knew the path I wanted to take, yet felt blocked by the negative consequences that were seemingly unavoidable. Many years ago, I was just a few months into a new job and leading a […]