Welcome to McLysaght Consulting! I’m excited to launch this new site and look forward to sharing insights, tools and resources designed to support your very best leadership performance.

In designing this site, one of the first questions that came up was about my use of a water drop image creating ripples in the surrounding water. Why that image? How does it relate to leadership development and management consulting?

Intentionally or not, knowingly or not, each of us makes an impact every single day on the people around us. Our words, behaviors, non-verbal communications, decisions, and results all say something about who we are, who we are not and who we are trying to be. And others pay attention … then make assessments and judgments about us and about how they’ll interact with us. That’s simply human nature.

If you’re in a formal management or leadership role, or have influence and authority in your organization, then the impact of your presence is even greater and people will assign more meaning and weight to what you say and do.

One leader. Waves of impact. This is your ripple effect.

And the same can be said of one team or one organization. Each entity has a ripple effect of its own.

The goal is for your ripple effect to have an intentional, desirable impact. Are you producing the results you wish to produce? Are you perceived the way you wish to be perceived? Do others seek out your insight and opinion? Can you influence the organization around you when it matters most?

If you don’t know with certainty the answers to these questions, or if you answered “no” to any of them, chances are your ripple effect may be limiting you.

If you manage other leaders and can’t clearly answer these questions about your key talent, you may have a leadership pipeline challenge.

My intention, through this site and my blog posts, is to expand your field of awareness and to provoke a degree of inquiry and discomfort that compels you to explore the possibilities of your own leadership, or that of your organization, through a different lens. The goal here is to create personal growth and professional effectiveness that generate opportunity, achievement and satisfaction.

Real growth requires real-world application – not just conceptual discussions. Therefore, my posts will often include “Practices” – these are exercises designed to drive personal reflection, get you out of your comfort zone, move you into meaningful action, and ultimately stretch your capabilities and experience.

Should you be interested in a deeper exploration of your own potential and performance, or a discussion about your team’s or your organization’s goals and opportunities, please contact me directly at Carol@McLysaght.com.

Thanks for visiting my site. I look forward to supporting your success!

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