“Nice” is a Leadership Competency

Over the last year, I’ve faced a health issue that has been a challenge for me to accept and reconcile. Recently, it resulted in me falling to the ground at my local gym, unconscious. Fortunately, there was no lasting damage and I quickly returned to my normal routine, including my morning work-outs. One of my […]

What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

Eons ago in a college sociology class, the professor shared a study about what people fear most. I found the discussion illuminating at the time and still relevant today, so much so, that I’m frequently referring to the themes with my clients. Several have suggested I write about this on my blog, so here goes. […]

Every Woman Has a Harvey Story

When I was a high school graduate, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. For a variety of reasons, I initially bypassed college and instead went straight to work. I landed a mailroom / office assistant job at a distributor for computer peripherals and worked alongside a fantastic group of […]

Designing a Career with Purpose

For many of us, we arrived where we are today by choosing from the options that were presented to us. Perhaps you graduated from college, received a few job offers and chose the one that seemed most likely to fit your aspirations. Depending on the company, the typical progression is either up within your function, […]

Investing in Your Talent Pipeline

When I reflect on my own career path, I’m grateful for the many leaders who invested in me along the way, imparting knowledge, wisdom and feedback with a delivery that allowed me to hear and internalize the message. Rarely, did the most meaningful mentoring happen in a development program, formal feedback conversation or performance review. […]

Feedback for Leadership Growth

Anyone in a people management role knows that it can be challenging to get candid and actionable feedback to improve your performance and to guide your growth as a leader. If you’re at or near the top of your organization’s hierarchy, it can seem almost impossible. Let’s face it – offering praise feels safe and […]


Welcome to McLysaght Consulting! I’m excited to launch this new site and look forward to sharing insights, tools and resources designed to support your very best leadership performance. In designing this site, one of the first questions that came up was about my use of a water drop image creating ripples in the surrounding water. […]